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About us

This Contesting website is a spin-off of the World Slow-Scan Television Club, which is a non-profit organisation run by, and for, radio amateurs worldwide with an interest in sending and receiving images by radio using analog or digital slow-scan television (SSTV).

WSSTVC Contesting

The site is the home of the 15-Meter SSTV Dash - an amateur radio Contest intended to use the fastest analog SSTV modes there are.

In the past, there haven't been many contests run for the SSTV modes, and only one - the JASTA Contest - is at all well-known to most SSTV operators. The JASTA competition takes a whole month to run, uses slow (or very slow) modes, and a QSO can take many minutes to complete.

Utilizing fast black-and-white image transmission modes, QSOs in the 15-Meter SSTV Dash can take less than a minute to complete, so a good number of QSOs can be made in the two-day Contest period.

Full rules for the Contest can be found here.

Club Membership

To become a member of the World Slow-Scan Television Club, use the Join form in the WSSTVC club site. Membership is free, and without obligations.

Remember, all those taking part in the 15-Meter SSTV Dash Contest can gain valuable extra points by contacting Club members, so the more members there are, the more points can be gained by everybody in the Contest.


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