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Logging Software

Logging Software support for WSSTVC 15-Meter Dash Contests


Not only does MMSSTV allow you the operator to create, send and receive SSTV signals, it can also generate a Cabrillo file of your Contest (or any other) SSTV QSOs. The program does not calculate points, multipliers or score - you must do this yourself.

Nonetheless, it's a very versatile program all round, and is our own favourite SSTV program.

If you do use MMSSTV during the Contest, log your QSOs as you would normally. At the end of the Contest, open the list of QSOs made, mark all those from the Contest, and choose File->Export selected range->Cabrillo file. You will be prompted to edit the Contest name, category, your name and address, etc. in the generated file. Press "OK" and the editor of your choice (most often Notepad on Windows systems) will open, and you can make the changes.

The most important changes to be made will be:

  • the category in which you wish your entry to be evaluated - SINGLE-OP, MULTI-OP or CHECKLOG
  • the power category - HIGH, LOW, or QRP
  • the Contest name - WS15DASH-S (Spring Contest), or WS15DASH-F (Fall Contest).

N1MM Logger

N1MM Logger also now has support for the WSSTVC 15-Meter Dash Contests, and will keep track of your points and multipliers, thus giving you an accurate score during the Contest.

If you plan to use N1MM Logger in the Contest, you will need to take the following steps to prepare the program for the Contest:

  1. Go to the N1MM User Defined Contests page and download the ZIP archive (3.08 kB) containing the required support files from the N1MM website.
  2. Unzip the archive, and copy the WSSTV.sec file to the N1MM Logger's main folder (the folder containing N1MM Logger.exe), i.e. the C:\Program Files\N1MM (or C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM) folder.
  3. Then, depending on whether you are a WSSTVC Club Member or not, copy
    EITHER:  WS15MTVDM.udc   (WSSTVC Member only)
    OR: WS15MTVDN.udc   (Non-member)
    into the N1MM UserDefinedContests folder, which is found in the Documents (or MyDocuments) folder under your user-name, i.e. into the
    C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\N1MM\UserDefinedContests folder.
  4. Start the N1MM Logging program, create a new log as follows:
    • choose as Log Type either:
      • WS15MTVDM if you are a WSSTVC Club member, or
      • WS15MTVDN if you are not a member
    • set the Band to 15m
    • set the appropriate Power category
    • ignore the Mode, Overlay, Station, Assisted and Time categories
    • set Transmitter to ONE
    • set Sent Exchange to either:
      • Your Club membership-no. (format "W0123") if you are a WSSTVC Club member, or
      • 001 if you are not a Club member
    • set Operators to:
      • your own callsign if you intend to operate as SINGLE-OP, or
      • a comma-delimited list of operators' callsigns if operating as MULTI-OP
    • set Soapbox to whatever you want: at this stage you could write here just a short description of the station setup, or simply leave it empty. You can always come back to this window to update the soapbox or other categories later (see below).
    • Click the OK button when you've completed setting the categories - you can now start logging!
  5. WSSTVC Club Members should transmit their Membership Numbers in the format:  "W" + 4 digits with leading zeroes (Example: "W0057").
  6. When entering QSOs in the Entry window, it is necessary that you log received WSSTVC Membership Numbers as transmitted by the other station (see 5. above).

Editing the Soapbox, or other, categories in the N1MM program during/after the Contest
  • In the main N1MM window menu, choose File->Open Log in Database XXXXXXX.XXX, choosing the appropriate database for this contest;
  • in the XXXXXXX.XXX window, select the appropriate log from the Existing Log list; you can then edit the soapbox/categories as you wish.

Exporting your results in Cabrillo file format
  • In the main N1MM window menu, choose File->Generate Cabrillo File
  • When the export is complete, you will be asked whether you wish to edit the generated file: this is a good time to edit the "CONTEST" category header to either "WS15DASH-S" for the Spring Contest, or "WS15DASH-F" for the Fall Contest. You should also check here that the information in each of the QSO lines is correct.